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Important information to have when Purchasing Diamond

The glamour of the diamond may have earned it the term girl’s best friend. They are precious, gorgeous and keepers. Diamond are mineral resources mined from the earth’s crest. The internet can help one to discover more about diamonds. Nonetheless, there are diamonds look-alikes that are produced artificially. When one is in an insecure are, it is best if they switch to the artificial diamonds. when an artificial diamond is a loss it is not as painful. However, buyers should know the attributes of genuine diamond so that they are not short-changed by dubious traders. Go online to discover more about the merits and demerits of synthetic diamond.

The quality of a diamond is determined by four important attributes. Since these attributes are the universal way of quantifying diamonds they are commonly referred to as the 4Cs. The Four Cs – 4c were developed by the Gemological Institute of America-GIA as the yardstick of measuring diamond. GIA is the institution that provides a standard method of grading for gemstones. The precious stones are examined using a scientific aspect. GIA is accepted worldwide as the institute that certifies the quality of diamonds. GIA certifies the diamonds that have been examined in their institution and gives them a unique identifier. Each diamond has issued a certificate that elaborates its attributes. Go online to discover more about the history and importance of the GIA institute.

In essence, the 4Cs describe the cut, carat weight, clarity and color of the diamond piece. To discover more important tips of a quality diamond by reading relevant articles.

The cut informs of how the diamond is molded. Fashion informs the shape of the diamond. Each customer can then settle for their taste. These shapes include round, emerald, oval, square, heart, radiant and princess to mention but a few. The precise cutting of a diamond determines its sparkle and brilliance.

Clarity refers to whether a diamond has a blemish or not. The perfection or imperfection of a diamond is a natural occurrence that takes place as it forms in the earth’s crest. The flaws are commonly known as inclusions. The profoundness of the inclusion dictates the clarity grade. There are eleven grades used to determine the clarity of the diamond. The lowest grade is I3 which means the inclusions are profound and the best if flawless which indicated negligible inclusions. Unblemished diamonds are a rare sight. If ever one comes across a flawless diamond they will have to pay top dollar to acquire it.

Diamond is also graded using its color on a scale that runs from D to Z. The best diamond color is D and is usually crystal clear while the worst is Z and has a brown tint. The weight of the diamond is also considered during grading and is called the carat weight. One carat of a diamond is equivalent to one-fifth of a gram. This is an important aspect when it comes to determining the cost of the diamond. If a diamond stone is larger and heavier it will cost more. Explore and discover more important tips of identifying the top quality diamond.

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