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The Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney

There are many times where a section of the public and law enforcement officers despise criminal defense attorneys and blame them for setting criminals free. However, before you pass judgment, picture yourself or your loved ones, blamed for a crime you did not commit. You know you are innocent but everything else points to your guilt. Who would you turn to for help? The only help that counts at that particular time, is that of a top criminal defense attorney. It is easy to conclude that a case is a ‘slam dung’ or a ‘close and open case’ when you are not the one involved. The fact of the matter is, every accused person must have their day in court and must be given an opportunity to defend themselves before any judgment is passed against them. This article will deliberate on the important role of the criminal defense attorney.

A court of law is a constitutional office that has the mandate to dispense justice. Once a criminal charge has been leveled against an accused person, it must go through the court process to its logical end. The court has three important parties and that is the judge or jury, the prosecutor and the accused or defense team. The prosecution levels the accusation against an individual or individuals and provides evidence to help convince the court that the accused are guilty as charged. The judge or jury considers this evidence to determine the fate of the accused. On the other hand, the criminal defense attorney is the court officer who justifies to the court why his or her innocent client should be set free. A good example is a fact that a person who has killed another human being does not necessarily prove they are guilty of murder. Such a person may commit such a crime in self-defense, out of necessity, to prevent a crime, while protecting others or defending property.

A criminal case can change the life of a person whether guilty or innocent for good. For starters, once a person is declared guilty, they will have a criminal record that cannot be erased especially in rare and exceptional circumstances. Secondly, this person has to be punished for the crime they have committed according to the stipulation of the law. The sentence can run from a few months in prison to life imprisonment. Serious crimes such as treason, murder or robbery with violence, carry a death penalty. The criminal defense attorney is a court officer who ensures the innocent are set free. They do this by using legal strategies and techniques. However, if a case is not watertight, the advocates can also use the loopholes to ensure their client is pronounced innocent.

Criminal defense is complex and only a vastly experienced and well-learned advocate can properly defend a defendant. Such an advocate comes in handy during pre-trial and police interrogation. If such a client is charged in a court, the lawyer is present as the client takes their plea. They then move the court to grant their client bail. The advocate also interviews witnesses and gathers evidence in preparation for defense. They then use their eloquence, discretion, experience, and knowledge to mount a fierce defense for their client.

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