Which one is better, 5730 or 2835 led strip light?

In recent years, LED strip lights, as a new lighting product, have become an important part of people’s lighting choices.

When purchasing light strip products from LED Strip Light manufacturers, the company must clarify the model of the light strip. When LED Strip Light suppliers sell light strips, they will also explain the specific model of the product to customers. If it is not clear, you can purchase the light strip. When bringing it, ask the salesperson for detailed information before purchasing.

 Different models of LED strip lights have different characteristics and application ranges, and 5730 and 2835 models of LED strip lights are also two common products. So which one of them is better? Let’s do some analysis and comparison below.
First of all, we can distinguish them from appearance. The main difference between 5730 and 2835 is the size. 5730 is a large size LED chip of 5.7mm3.0mm, while 2835 is a medium size LED chip of 2.8mm3.5mm. This size difference will affect the brightness, power and heat dissipation effect of the LED strip light.
Second, let’s look at their performance in practical applications. Since the 5730 chip is relatively large, the power of a single LED is larger, so its brightness is higher than that of the 2835, and it is more suitable for some scenes that require high-brightness lighting, such as commercial lighting, outdoor advertising, etc. The 2835 chip is suitable for smaller lighting scenarios, such as home lighting, showcase lighting, etc.
We can consider it from an economic perspective, which is also one of the important factors in our choice of LED strip lights. From a price point of view, the price difference between the two is not big, but considering that the brightness of the 5730 model is higher, it also requires more power support, so in actual use, it consumes more power, which also means Its cost of use will be slightly higher than that of the 2835 model LED strip light.
We also need to consider the heat dissipation effect of LED strip lights. For LED strip lights, good heat dissipation effect has a very important impact on the life and performance of the product. Because the 5730 model LED chip has high power, it will generate more heat during use. If there is no good heat dissipation effect, the life and performance of the product will be affected. Since the 2835 model LED chip has smaller power, it has relatively better heat dissipation effect and longer product life.
Based on the above analysis, we can draw the following conclusion: If you need high-brightness lighting effects and the use environment is relatively wide, then the 5730 model LED strip light is more suitable. If the scene you are using is smaller and has higher requirements on cost and service life, then the 2835 model LED strip light will be more suitable.
In short, it is very important for consumers to choose an LED strip light that suits their needs. When comparing the 5730 and 2835 model LED strip lights, we need to analyze and compare from the aspects of size, brightness, cost, heat dissipation effect, color temperature, etc., and finally choose the LED strip light that suits us best.

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