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How to Have Quality Time with Your Kids

Being a parent involves all manner of challenges. It start with you having sleepless nights, changing diapers and the care seems not to stop. Taking care of your child never seizes, even when the adults and have their own families. Without the right kind of info, it can be quite daunting for any individual to face the world with its evils and goods. Being a present requires a lot more than your existence near the child. It is about you being engaging with them and having as much quality time with children as possible. This time is crucial particularly if you are occupied thinking about your job or you engage in a lot of hobbies that end up taking up much of your time. Creating sufficient time to spend with your kids is quite important to make them aware that you care about them, be contented and approach you with any issues they are facing. With that in account, the following is how you can spend valuable time with your kids and have them ready to face the world later on.
Smart phone are not a necessity for your little ones and certainly they don’t require one to have pleasure. Your love is what is they need and they require you to be entirely there for them. Technology is important but it has developed to a distraction in the 21st century and both parents and their children feel the urge to always have their phones near them and have an addiction of wanting their phones to ring either for social media texts or notifications. This has made parents fail to recognize the presence of their kids which is quite sad. Not only is finding time for your kids good for them to realize that you are fully engaging and not busy with social media but also good for your wellbeing. A good way to relax when free would be engaging with your children and not always on your Smartphone.
Being in the same space with your loved is not enough to be considered quality time. There is a very huge difference between you playing with them or watching them play from you being just there. That is the reason why you need to join in. This may be a challenge to most parents but with time you will find it fun.
It is normal to be busy at time and things can get complicated and messy with no compact plan to stick to. And it that’s the reason to always plan your week ahead and carve out time for your kids. This should be different activities to ensure that you are lively.

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