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How You Can Differentiate Baby Blues And Post Partum Depression

Expectant mothers have hope and joy of welcoming the bundle of joy. However, after the birth of the child, the feeling can be taken away and replaced sadness and anxiety. A high percentage of new mothers suffer from baby blues while a good number suffers from postpartum depression. Following we are going to highlight the difference between the two.

There is no need to raise the alarm when you are suffering from baby blues since its sometimes normal. Most of the new mothers suffer from behavior change after the birth of the baby. the signs of baby blues include mood swings, finding yourself comfortable and at peace in one time and then suddenly feel sad and worried. Some may suffer from been impatient, fatigue and crying without reason. The behavior change begins a few days after the birth of the baby.

Its believed that the main cause of baby blue is due to hormonal change during pregnancy and after birth. Another cause of baby blues is because the mother needs to adjust and adapt to living and taking care of the baby. In most cases, its the first time mothers who suffer from baby blues since they have to learn with that child on how to take care of the baby. Another effect is lack of enough sleep since the mother has to keep on listening and checking the baby.Effects on pregnancy and childbirth on the mother mostly affects the shape of the body. This is also a cause for baby blues since they are not sure of how to adapt to the new look.

If you have signs of baby blues prolonged for a long time then you are suffering from postpartum depression. The period at which you can say that you have prolonged baby blues is from six months after birth. The symptoms include been unable to bond with the child, changes in sleep pattern, feeling sad and anxious. These are serious things that you should have addressed. Seek help especially if you are not able to bond with your child knowing that it’s so easy to bond with the baby. If you sleep more than usual or when you have difficulty sleeping then you are experiencing changes in sleep patterns. When you have come to this point, then you have to seek medical attention. The primary objective of treatment is to help you overcome postpartum depression and to avoid further damages like severe depression. Another alternative to overcome postpartum depression is through counseling and engage yourself positively within the house to keep your mind busy.

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